Cypress Avionics- a Division of Cypress Technologies

Cypress Avionics

Cypress Avionics is your reliable, OEM & PMA avionics component sourcing partner, serving aerospace, aeronautical, military, and defense contractors as well as owner operators.

Cypress Avionics Advantage

Cypress Avionics is a division of Cypress Technologies with 30 years of experience in ruggedized engineering and design capabilities and over 50 years of combined experience in aftermarket avionics component sourcing.

Cypress Avionics Capabilities

Cypress Avionics can bridge the gap between buyers and OEM production by solving supplier shortages, distributor failures and delivery issues. As a trusted source for certified replacement parts, we supply both integration as well as redesign for obsolescence.

Cypress Avionics Services

We design and support new and aftermarket avionics and specialize in aerospace parts sourcing solutions to help you maintain profitablity with our competitive pricing and response time.  Our services include:

  • inventory management
  • contract manufacturing
  • redesign for obsolescence
  • repair integration

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Lean manufacturing is the way we do business, it’s our corporate philosophy. We believe in improving quality and delivery by reducing costs and waste. A manufacturer must be able to respond quickly to changing production and market demand through every product life stage. It’s through lean processes that Cypress will move your product through each stage quickly and seamlessly, reducing your costs and improving your lead times and quality. For more information about lean manufacturing or Cypress Lean – or to schedule a site visit – contact us.

Cypress Technologies utilizes an elite procurement system that manages pricing for 1,500+ vendors all over the world. This system allows for greater negotiating power on availability, features and pricing. Furthermore, this system uses a combination of MRP and Lean, Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing tools like Kanban to bridge the gap between what is on paper and actual material demand. Material is available on our assembly floor when and only when it is needed, reducing our inventory and protecting our customers.

At Cypress, we anticipate change and have processes in place to help manage it. From drawing and revisions to BOM changes, our system protects you.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, you must make capital investments in buildings, IT and machinery. You also need a team of qualified, experienced people who understand the importance of taking a product from concept to production quickly and affordably. At Cypress, we’ve made these investments so you don’t have to. Let our 200-years of combined experience guide you. For more information on any of our products and services – or for a consultation, please contact us.