Engineering & Design at Cypress Technologies

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Today’s marketplace is changing at a rapid pace. To keep your products relevant, you must adapt to fluctuating business needs, harness innovation, and increase efficiencies at every turn. At Cypress Technologies, we can expedite your innovative vision and help you get to market faster, with unsurpassed value.

Engineering & Design at Cypress Technologies
Engineering & Design

Our Project Management Lifecycle process begins with conceptualizing, designing and prototyping your product. And because the Cypress Technologies’ engineering team is co-located and closely integrated with our manufacturing team, your products are designed for ruggedness, reliability and profitability from the outset. Since all design and testing activities are performed in-house, feedback is fast, direct and any needed design changes happen immediately.

Alternative Energy is a sector serviced by Cypress Technologies

Cypress Technologies Project Management Lifecycle

(Depending on your program’s stage of development, clients enter at any selected point in this sequence)

Since 1987 we’ve worked to master all the essential technologies – from software to circuits, from prototyping to box builds, from labeling and testing to finished product. We understand that every customer is different, so we are committed to a fast design cycle, tailoring our approach to meet your needs and to help you take your product to market faster. We are also focused on optimizing designs and reducing unit cost in order to maximize your product’s performance and quality, while reducing its overall cost.

The Cypress Engineering team can:

  • Assist in CE/UL certification and ATEX explosion proofing
  • Provide Electrical and Mechanical design services
  • Provide costing estimates and materials evaluation
  • Render product drawings
  • Collaborate with you to develop and manufacture prototype assemblies
  • React quickly to requested engineering changes
  • Redesign for obsolescence and cost reduction
  • Turnkey production