Heavy Equipment and Cypress Technologies

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We build the components that run the heavy equipment that moves the earth. Our expert staff has more than 200-years of combined experience designing and manufacturing the custom products you need to get your equipment running at optimum level in any weather or earthly condition.

Over the years, we’ve cultivated a reputation for quality manufacturing and on-time delivery. During that time, we’ve developed the institutional knowledge, broad experience and unique capabilities to deliver the confidence you need for your rugged, large part assembly projects.

Centrally located to serve companies across the United States, Cypress Technologies’ ISO certified precision manufacturing facilities are ready to serve your most complex, tight tolerance requirements.

Heavy Equipment Projects are handled by the Cypress Technologies Team
Heavy Equipment

Let us put our experience to work for you.

Our modern facilities and advanced equipment are operated by committed and experienced employees. Control Box at Cypress Technologies - Heavy EquipmentWe’ve built our reputation on specialized manufacturing products that simply refuse to break down, even in the harshest conditions. Each industry has its own challenges when it comes to heavy equipment. Whatever your challenge, we’re ready to solve the toughest manufacturing problem you bring us, including:

Simplifying the control box. Consolidate all functionality into the embedded control system. Design with best Short Circuit Current Control Safety methodologies. Use latest wire management techniques. High precision rugged reliable box & panel builds with UL 508A certification available.

Harness Assembly at Cypress Technologies - Heavy EquipmentComplex machine electrical harnesses with overmolded connectors that survive in the toughest environments are custom-built and readiness-tested.

Control Box at Cypress Technologies - Your Contract Manufacturer - Heavy EquipmentMachine Control Units are designed for reliability and built for toughness.

Thriving today is a sophisticated business. From GPS-controlled equipment to precision computerized facilities controls, you need solutions built to withstand severe weather, harsh chemicals, and the toughest tests in the field. Let Cypress take the controls.

To learn more about our abilities and what our quality manufacturing experience can do for your business, please contact us.