Military and Cypress Technologies

Your Contract Manufacturing Partner

As a catalyst for pioneering and experimental technology, the military industry requires timely, reliable, quality-machined components. Cypress Technologies brings decades of experience to customers who require high quality circuit board and electro-mechanical assemblies. Our operation and systems are tailored to support rugged military products and include turnkey manufacturing (from prototyping through production) along with value added services like design and box build assembly.

Military Industry is serviced by Cypress Technologies

Our highly-skilled team is practiced and prepared to support the needs of a stringent military development contract. With our commitment to quality and ISO specifications, we adhere to the strictest standards which we carry forward into our relationship and your goals for success.

All of us at Cypress take great pride in servicing the men and women in the armed forces of the United States and its allies. We’re able to help your company develop finished parts for projects such as military vehicles, information technology parts and components, and other related military and defense items used by our troops.

We proudly design, develop, and manufacture 100% of all of our products in America. Because our facilities are centrally located in Texas, we can efficiently respond and deliver your rugged, reliable manufactured components in record time.

To learn more about our abilities and what our 200-years of combined experience can do for you, please contact us.